So, you're probably cocking your

head like a puppy who has just heard a strange sound. Well, around here, it is Motto Number #1.


We don't start with boxes that require us to think outside of them

once we've created them.

No, like the strike of a match that lights up the wick of a candle, we start with IDEAS that inspire us to create and use all kinds of media and unique creative processes.

We back it up with great design that is always changing. Fluid design that defies gravity and is always seeking higher ground.

We never, ever rest and are always seeking new ways to connect with people.

Creative interaction is like a growing friendship where you thirst to know and share more info with a friend. That kind of human experience, those kinds of moments-in-a-lifetime are what we strive for and look to share..



We use musical instruments of all shapes and sizes and sounds as tools to use when we have been inspired by a phrase, a title, an idea or the ever-elusive "sound" musicians seek.

We are avid journalists who keep track of ideas in ever-ready, always-handy note books.

We use video cameras, cell phones, high-quality cameras, high-end Mac computers and top-of-the line, always-updated, creative software to create websites, design assets, music, novels, film scripts and visual images ... AND we use our heads and hearts to create media experiences that awaken people to universal inspiration.

We nurture ourselves and our ideas so that what we produce resonates with people, as we look for that puppy-head-cocking moment that makes people smile and softly say, "Yeah, I like that."


 Magic Garage Productions